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Personalized Music Services

​Are you experiencing a creative dry spell and need some help writing your songs?

Need music for your film or video game?

Does your company need musical content?

Need a band for your or someone's wedding?

Reignite your love for music with personalized lessons tailored specifically for you.

Online (worldwide) & In-person (Netherlands/ The Hague region)


  • Songwriting (pop/ jazz/ soul/ funk and more)

  • Ringtone writing

  • Film scoring and music for video games

Piano lessons

  • Learn how to play the piano in a holistic and effortless way.

  • Reading chords (lead sheets)

  • Sight reading

  • Improvisation

  • Ear training

  • Learning how to play in different styles/ grooves (jazz, latin, blues, pop, etc.)


  • Music notation services

  • Audio engineering services

  • From sketch to final product

Singing lessons

  • Care less and let go. Step out of the shower.

  • Breathing techniques

  • vocal warm-ups and technique

  • Ear training

  • Vocal improvisation

  • Singing in different styles

  • Piano accompaniment

  • Learning how to care less and how to let go…


  • Do you need a wedding band?

  • A jazz quartet for your company's event?

  • A one-man-show?

Music for Kids

  • Allowing your child to explore.

  • Teaching "how to learn" instead of the traditional method of teaching how to read music.

  • A healthy combination of all of the previous courses tailored specifically for your child.

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